Why Should You Exhibit at the Fair

Bursa’s export value in machinery industry is 953.446 million USD. Besides the city has 949.237 million USD export volume in steel industry. Both domestic and global leading white goods, automotive, metal, and machinery companies’ manufacturing facilities are located in Bursa and surrounding cities. You can have the opportunity to meet these sector professionals at Bumatech.

Bursa has developed due to its easy access to land and sea routes. Provide various cooperation opportunities by exhibiting your products in Bursa.

Increase your brand awareness and carry it to international areas. Gain new potential customers from the international and domestic markets.

Promote new products, and observe the success of your products in the market. Refresh your image in the sector, and strengthen your bond with your existing customers.

Perform customer analysis, find out the needs of potential customers and strengthen your existing relationships. Meet with qualified, decision-making visitors and gain new business contacts.